Enlightened Equipment Revelation Review

I have been interested in a down sleeping bag for the past few years...It's always been something mysterious and magical to me: lightweight, warm, and the opposite of synthetic bulky sleeping bags that I'm used to. A small company, Enlightened Equipment, caught my attention around three months ago. They make down quilts--an alternative to traditional zippered sleeping bags, that promised versatility and fantastic warmth to weight ratios. Though it took me around a month and a half to justify the purchase (it was fairly expensive), I don't regret my decision in the slightest. 

This is my experience.

I purchased the 0˚ Revelation  with Black 20D outer fabric, and 10D inside fabric.  It cost me $285, and the final weight was 31 OZ. I'm 6'2", 160 lbs and I selected the Long length and Extra Wide option. Traditionally you would want to get a bag that's tailored to your body width to save some weight, but my way of thinking was if I was spending this much money on a sleeping bag, I don't mind it being a few ounces heavier. The nylon fabric feels durable, but I'm still careful with it.

Maybe it's because it's so light...

The quilt is composed of baffles that fill up comically--sometimes when it's laid on my mat, it seems like someone's inside it. They remind me of inflatable ribs. 

What's so great about this quilt, is that has the option to be used as a traditional blanket...

...and then you can zip up the footbox and cinch an elastic chord on the edge of the bag...

...and you have a wrap-around sleeping bag. I admit, though the option to have the Revelation as a quilt is useful, I sleep more with the footbox zipped and cinched up. I use it as a blanket when I'm watching movies, reading in a hammock, or just want something to wrap around my body.

Cinched tight, there's a penny sized final hole. In my testing, it's not that big of a deal. When it gets pretty cold, I just throw my shirt to cover it, or plug it with socks--but because the bag is a little longer than my body length I can just tuck the hole underneath my feet. It's really not an issue to me in the slightest.

As of this writing, Enlightened Equipment just announced some future price changes, so now there's more of a reason to get stoked and check out their bags. 

Final Rating:

Overall: 4.5/5

Tech: Phantom 20D+10D Nylon Ripstop / 750 Duck Down

Design: Minimalist

Price: Expensive (but justifiably so)

Weather Resistance: Loses insulation when wet

I am completely and utterly impressed with this company, and have nothing but praise to say for the Revelation. Though price is a factor, there's no doubt that it's worth every penny. 

If I would do it again, I would have spent the extra $20 and purchased weather resistant stripes for the bag. Because it's Down insulation--it's not weatherproof-- I would have been a bit more comfortable with it outside and without a tarp. 

Aside from those minor details, it's one of the most technical pieces of equipment I own--and I love it.