Boreas Bolinas Backpack Review

Going on an adventure calls for bringing the necessities. A few months ago I purchased the Boreas Bolinas, a cycling specific roll-top backpack,  and it's been with me from hiking in Big Sur to cycling the urban jungle of Santa Cruz, California. 

Immediately apparent is the backpack's adjustable airflow system. The way it works is through a pull tab at the top of the frame: Pull the tab, and the frame arches to create distance between your back and the bag. Release the tab, and the bag nestles up against your back, useful if you are carrying a laptop.  I find that when the bag is stretched to maximum air flow, the overall storage capacity is reduced slightly -- but that's to be expected. 

There are enough adjustments available on this backpack to provide a snug fit on your body, without running into the dreaded problem of having excess straps hanging off the bag and slapping your body. Minimalist at its core.

Detail of the ventilation on the shoulder straps, waterproof side pocket, and compression strap. If you'll notice, there are two types of fabric being used in this bag: A durable 20D Nylon Ripstop fabric, and a stretchier nylon -- this materials combo allows the bag to flex and breathe like an accordion , greatly increasing the volume capacity and overall versatility of the bag.

Side pockets are made of the stretchy fabric -- I have crammed these pockets to the max, and they have been more than accommodating. 

I have been extremely happy with this product -- it held everything I needed, was minimalist enough to not distract me from what I was doing, and had enough versatility in its straps and airflow system to keep my back comfortable and dry -- especially when I was carrying large loads. 

Now go on an adventure.