Bedrock Sandals V2/Syncline review


I am occasionally hired by Bedrock Sandals for textile artwork. This review is in no way based off of my past experience or current views of the company. Buy one of my latest Tees.

So I love wearing sandals. Minimalist running sandals, to be exact. Recently I've had the pleasure of running in Bedrock Sandals's modern twist on the traditional huarache design, and I feel like I've logged enough miles in them to give an honest review.

Bedrock Sandals Syncline Review Enoch Cincotta

At first glance, they're fairly minimal. Bedrock uses military grade nylon webbing for the sandal straps, and it's immediately apparent how little there is holding your feet to the rubber. Quick side-note, they were cut to my foot tracing for free.

Bedrock Sandals Syncline Review Enoch Cincotta

This is the current Syncline model with quick fit straps. It retails for $70 US, and is made with 8mm Vibram rubber. One of the great things about this soling material, is how light it is. Usually when rubber this minimal is on your feet it manages to wear itself out, but these soles can take a heavy beating. Another added bonus, is if you manage to wear your soles down to 1mm of rubber on the balls of your feet, you get half off your next pair. They call it the Rock Solid Warranty.

Bedrock Sandals Syncline Review Enoch Cincotta

The Sandals have tabs on the back of the ankle strap to make adjustments as you move. I've clipped them to my backpack with a caribiner with no problem.

Bedrock Sandals Syncline Review Enoch Cincotta

New inlayed plug for the rubber sole. When I bought my first pair last summer it had melted nylon straps for the plug. However, this new machined plug is a crazy improvement.


Bedrock Sandals Syncline Review Enoch Cincotta

For casual use, I would highly recommend this sandal. It stays with your feet no matter what you do. It's highly breathable, and the materials are guaranteed to last a long time.

Bedrock Sandals Syncline Review Enoch Cincotta

This sandal is also suitable for the trail. There is good ground feel, but suitable protection from sharp rocks and such. I ran a 50K in these, and not once did i wish for a thicker sole.

Bedrock Sandals Syncline Review Enoch Cincotta

Not everything is peachy, however. The sandal's minimalist nature is also a double edged sword. When I am running on the trail in wet conditions, I suffer terribly. The thin nylon webbing only secures your feet to certain degree, and if you change directions suddenly you might find your whole upper half of your foot twisting off the rubber sole!

Bedrock Sandals Syncline Review Enoch Cincotta

When running on wet roads, though my foot has a tendency to slip on the rubber, it regains grip after around a minute. I'd recommend cleaning them once a week as well, because grime builds up and makes things slick.


Overall: 4.5/5

Tech: Military specs and Rock Solid warranty?

Simplicity: The design of the sandal is great.

Ground feel: Pretty great

Blisters: Not once

Fit: Custom is superb

Wet conditions TRAIL: Pretty awful

Wet conditions ROAD: Pretty decent

Dry conditions: Pretty fantastic


This model has been my road running and dry trail sandal for a while. I love the way I hardly notice it underneath my feet on long runs, and the protection it gives me. As for wet conditions on the trail, Bedrock Sandals just announced a new model with a super secure strap system is coming out in the next few months. You can guarantee that I'll have a review of it when it comes.

Bedrock Sandals Syncline Review Enoch Cincotta